Right-sided sleepers feel more exhausted in the morning

Some people bound out of bed ready for the day ahead, while others struggle to feel alert in the morning – but did you know that the side you sleep on may be to blame?

The British Wool survey of 1,500 people found that most Brits wake up at least three times a night, with 48 percent struggling to switch off due to concerns about money and work.

The research also revealed that people who sleep on the right side of the bed feel groggier in the morning compared to left-side sleepers.

Despite right-side sleepers initially finding it easier to fall asleep, they are more likely to wake up feeling exhausted.

They are also less likely to be positive during the day, with only 38 percent saying they have a good sense of humour compared to left-side snoozers.

Meanwhile, 60 percent of right-side respondents claim to be ‘glass half full’ people, compared to 66 percent of those who sleep on the left side.

Nearly 50 percent of all participants experience feeling hot and bothered during the night, but this was more likely to bother right-side sleepers (48 and 40 percent, respectively).

However, the findings suggest that most of us struggle to get a decent amount of sleep, even if you are a left-side sleeper.

The biggest issue for many Brits is having a partner who snores, with 38 percent admitting it drives them ‘crazy’.

Julia Robinson, head of sleep at British Wool, said: “From the research we can see that Brits are creatures of habit when it comes to sleeping.

“Meaning that, sleepless nights and hourly wake ups seem commonplace for a lot of us – especially right-sided sleepers.

“Making small changes, like using wool bedding, can help to aid night sweats as wool helps regulate your body temperature.”